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I've decided to restart my blog with GitHub Pages.

The old way of doing things, wherein I would keep rebuilding my own website using some new technology stack, was getting quite cumbersome. I started in college with a site hosted by Godaddy, built with "mostly HTML," PHP and MySQL. I eventually tried a MEAN-stack site running on Red Hat's OpenShift. While this was all entertaining and educational, any time I allocated to the blog was spent building the site, and not blogging. I kinda want to finally try blogging. I have these, like, ideas and experiences, and I thought it would be cool if I could share them. So, here we are. GitHub Pages.

Sometime after I get some simple styling done, I'm thinking about two posts for my first adventure in this old 'net pasttime. One might be about trying out GitHub Pages and Jekyll for the first time, what went wrong, and why I like it. The more likely first post will be about some lessons learned from implementing a time-series-based data model in Cassandra for a project at work, specifically around partitioning strategies, and how great advice in the present can totally dook on future you's parade.

Guess we'll see.