like if i actually blogged in my sleep

The first part of this dream was actually about Bill Clinton running for president again, what his chances of winning would be, and some interesting commentary from various news organizations. I've no idea what his platform was, but he was incredibly confident given that he's already at the two-term limit.

The startup portion of the dreaming was all very interesting. The structure of the dream was like a lengthy documentary on overly-successful startups. There was expert analysis, interviews with CEOs of various companies around the US, and some graphics to go along with all of it. The idea was that some businesses begin with a single idea, produce some sort of product that is incredibly useful and desireable, and make huge amounts of cash almost immediately. From there, the business and the rest of the market are unable to improve on the product or reach new markets. While this amazing product is ubiquitous and unbeatable, the companies can't go anywhere, so they either get sold off or shut down.

There was a particular heat-map associated with one company's product. I think it was a map of where the product was used. It was interesting because it had higher usage over the Great Lakes than it did over large cities and some other high population areas. I got the impression it had something to do with water sports or other outdoor activities. But basically the company had created something, sold one or more to everyone who wanted one, and then literally never sold one again. It was too reliable or something. So the CEO was in an interview laughing with a reporter about how they'd created something so perfect that they couldn't sustain their business, or even sell the company, so they just had to split their profits and look for a new idea.