like if i actually blogged in my sleep

was going on a trip with family
stopped somewhere for a meal
i took too long in a shower, my brother was making fun of me saying that some food that takes an hour to cook was almost ready
heading into some park with my dad in his truck
people were standing in the roadway because it was like a park but also a park entrance roadway here. benches, sandboxes, etc.
people kinda freaked when we approached in the truck, but reacted idiotically, basically just standing there, or actually moving more into our path
I commented on how dumb they seemed
we passed them anyway, then this guy, parent to someone we passed, was standing in front of us
he was telling us to take a turnaround up ahead and drive through again, but this time further away from people, gesturing in the air how close we were to some of them
my dad replied by telling him to get his family in their car, take the turnaround up ahead, and drive the fuck out of there. pretty funny, actually.
so we went on our way
turns out this park area was full of public jungle gyms, restaurants, and hotels. also there were some poor residential areas.
i went to a coffee place with my dad and got a chai latte or something, then i decided to head into my hotel
my family was heading off somewhere else by truck and i had a flight somewhere the next day
i hung out at the hotel for a while but then decided to check out the park area
when i was leaving i passed by rich and some other work people at the pool area. i don't think they noticed me with my new hat on.
from there i was using my phone's gps to try to find the best way into the park, but i was on the wrong side of the hotel.
i wandered around looking for a good route, which was harder than it should have been, until i decided i needed to just walk all the way around the hotel to get to the other side
it was getting dark, and this took me passed the poor residential area.
i was using my phone as a flashlight when i passed some guy who started making conversation about it. seemed like he wanted it.
his behavior became threatening, and then i did two takes on the next part.
first, it got nightmarish, like maybe he had friends nearby who were going to jump me for it.
second, redo, told him to fuck off and die, then explained how in detail. he backed off.
headed down into the park area, it was no longer night time.
met up with joey and we talked about where to get some food. he wanted to hit a bar for some beer, but i wanted coffee first
stopped by the same coffee place as before but there was a long line and a new employee.
ended up having to give my order to the new person, but she was super rude to me. she was making me explain in too much detail what i wanted in my coffee. and if i wanted almond, she'd have to clean extra stuff and that would hold up more customers. so i decided to get a chai latte again. she didn't know what chai was, so her coworkers yelled at her for being such an ass, but i played it cool
while i was waiting for my latte, two cops walked in. this is where it got interesting; i had bizarre super powers
also one cop was sue, and another was like a typically b-list actor playing a cop, tall guy, deep voice.
they were looking for someone specific, so they didn't notice at first. i was flipping around a copy of the tall cop's head in my hands
after a short bit of that, the sue cop noticed and whispered to her partner something about it. seemed freaked
so the other cop confronted me about it, he asked wtf. i said it was just a copy of his head. totally normal. can't you do this?, i asked
no, i freaking can't, he said. kept his composure well in public. but really the other patrons didn't seem, to notice.
that's not normal, he said. put it away.
i smiled and looked over at joey, hoping he'd pick up on what i was about to do somehow. i guess he did.
so, i made my head a copy of his head, then saw through eyes like his.
colors were different, mostly. also the scene changed. we were in some finished basement. there was that old-school wood panelling everywhere, and a teal carpet. the big cop was sitting in a la-z-boy recliner, again somewhat freaked about my power, but somehow fairly calm.
i commented how cool it was, how the colors were different. almost somewhat muted. so i wondered... how it would be other way.
so i gave the guy a copy of my head, and made him see through eyes like mine.
only thing i remember him saying was "holy...", and then i pestered him about how it was seeing colors the way i did
don't remember anything else.